The Good Report

Ethical business and the cost of living crisis

Introducing the Good Report

We launched our inaugural Good Report to dig into what small ethical businesses are experiencing right now, and how consumer behaviour is changing as a result of the current financial climate. 

Between 7 June and 5 July we heard from over 50 ethical businesses and over 225 consumers about how the cost of living crisis is impacting them, especially in relation to sustainability and ethics, as well as wider challenges and needs.

We’ve split the report into two parts. This first publication focuses on what we learnt from ethical small businesses owners and the second part, which will follow shortly, will share the consumer perspective. 

Finally, we wanted to thank the businesses who took the time to contribute. We know your time is precious but your voices deserve to be heard. 

The key findings

say customers
are spending less

So its no surprise that
growth in the broader sense,
is the top challenge facing
ethical businesses right now.

are confident
their business will survive the cost of living crisis 

And they are confident that their mission matters to their customers.

invest funds into achieving their social and/or environmental aims

They are also trying to become more circular and purchase from other ethical companies.

have at least one ethical accreditation or mark

And a further 14% plan to. Communicating thier mission effectively was a top area of support wanted. 

said helping customers understand their mission is the top thing they need help with

Followed by finding more customers and connecting with other businesses.

Highlights from the Good Report

  • Title
  • who we are
  • why the good report
  • cost of living
  • confidence
  • mission matters
  • more understanding
  • accreditations
  • government
  • what you can do

Communicating Your Purpose

A half-day event for mission-driven small businesses

Wednesday 22 November
9.30 - 12.30
The Trampery, Fish Island Village

Join us and a host of expert speakers for a one-off event designed to help genuine, purpose-driven businesses like yours effectively convey your positive practices and impact. 

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