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The Good Guide

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the ultimate list of the best awards, grants, programmes and communities to help you grow

Speed up your journey to success, saving countless hours, and amplify your positive impact on the world

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What's the Good Guide about?

130+ curated resources

This guide contains over 130 awards, grants, programs, sales partners, and communities tailored for ethical businesses, all in one place.

Designed for ethical founders

Designed specifically for impact and underrepresented founders, the guide only contains opportunities which align with your values. 

Save yourself hours of research

The Good Guide is the result of hundreds of hours we've spent researching so you don't have time! Free yourself up so you focus on making an impact instead.

Finding the right support to help you grow your ethical business is hard.

That’s why we created this carefully curated collection of over 130 of the best awards, grants, programmes, sales partners and communities for good companies, all in one place.

It's designed for impact founders like you, carefully compiled to save you time, energy, and resources so you can just focus on amplifying your positive impact in the world.

Don't just take our word for it

  • I cannot overstate how incredible the Good Guide is for an ethical founder! The hours, stress and overwhelm it has already saved me is invaluable, and the cost of the resource (with free lifetime updates!) is so reasonable - it was the easiest purchase I’ve ever made as an early-stage bootstrapper.

    It’s such a comfort to feel like I’m keeping track of the opportunities that are out there, and trusting that they are a ‘good’ choice is mega important to me. I especially love the range of filters so I can focus my time and energy looking at the opportunities most relevant to me.

    Thank you In Good Company for creating my opportunities bible!

    Mollie Kay-Hough

    Impact Founder

    Mollie Kay-Hough
  • “In my opinion, purchasing The Good Guide is an absolute no-brainer for any ethical business owner looking to grow their impact and take advantage of the many opportunities available to them. The help is out there, it’s just about finding it!

    The low price, lifetime access and the sheer volume of carefully curated resources could make it an investment that will pay off many times over.”


    Tiny Eco Home Life

  • "I've just downloaded The Good Guide for Ethical Entrepreneurs & it's given me a real boost of inspiration. A fantastic, comprehensive guide with loads of information & great ways to grow ideas and like-minded communities. 

    Looking forward to diving into it properly & highly recommend for others needing a little bit of guidance!"

    Bernadette Coote

    Liberation Foods

    Bernadette Coote
  • The Good Guide for Ethical Entrepreneurs is a brilliant resource, especially for SMEs. Finding opportunities for funding, community, and certification is so important for impact-driven businesses. 

    In Good Company have compiled lots of useful information to help locate this support, and we're proud to be included in the guide!




👋 Is this you?

  • Are you a purpose-driven entrepreneur but find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer volume of resources and opportunities out there?
  • Do you struggle to find the time to research awards, grants, or programmess that align with your values?
  • Is the challenge of finding opportunties and communities that cater specifically to ethical businesses slowing you down?
  • Are you looking to boost your company's profile and showcase your contributions to a better world but find it hard to navigate the landscape of awards and recognitions available?

That was us too!

💚 What you'll get

A library of over 130 carefully curated and thoroughly researched collection of opportunities to help your business grow including....

✅ 40+ regular funding and grant opportunities, specifically targeted to impact and underrepresented founders

✅ 30+ support programmes to help you with fundraising, business development, mentoring and growth

✅ 15+ communities specifically designed for ethical founders to find the peer-to-peer support you need

✅ 15+ respected ethical accreditations, certifications and commitments

✅ 10+ sales platforms for B2B and B2C ethical companies to list on

✅ 25+ awards to help showcase the amazing work you're doing and give your profile a boost

Each listing includes detailed information on eligibility, pricing, process, timing and the direct link to apply.

It's easily searchable depending on what you're looking for.

And you'll have lifetime access. Plus, instant access to every future opportunity we add too, for free.

Who are we?

👋 Hi - We’re Alex and Sarah, the co-founders of In Good Company.

We’ve been where you are too. Countless nights spent scouring the web, searching for that opportunity that would propel our purpose-driven business forward. Kicking ourselves when we discovered that great award after the fact, or wasting time pursuing generic startup opportunities which didn’t match our values. It was just so hard.

That was when we started building a list. We couldn’t understand why we should waste time hunting for scattered pieces of information when you can have it all in one place? (Which BTW is the ethos behind In Good Company)

So we decided to create a comprehensive guide, meticulously curated from hundreds of hours of research with over 130 of the best awards, grants, programmes, sales partners, and tools specifically tailored for ethical founders like you.

Since then we've raised £100k in angel investment, £20,000 in grants and competitions, gotten a government-backed award of £50,000. We've won or being shortlisted for 5 prestigious awards (and been covered in national and local press as a result).

We've also found our tribe and grown expontionally because we joined the right communities and support programmes.

Make 2024 the year to free up your time and make your mark in the world without losing yourself in the pursuit.

Fancy a free taster?

Still not quite sure if the Good Guide is for you? 

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The In Good Company app on an iPhone showing Good Company Tap Cafe in London
The In Good Company app on an iPhone showing Good Company Tap Cafe in London

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Good Guide for?

The Good Guide for Ethical Entrepreneurs is designed for purpose-driven founders like you who are overwhelmed by the volume of resources out there and are struggling to find time to research awards, grants, or programmes that align with your values.

If the challenge of finding opportunities and communities specifically for ethical businesses is slowing you down, or if you're looking to boost your company's profile and showcase your contributions to a better world, this guide is tailor-made for you.

What's included?

With the Good Guide, you'll get lifetime access to a library of over 130 carefully curated and thoroughly researched opportunities to help your business grow.

This includes 15+ ethical accreditations, 40+ funding and grant opportunities, 20+ support programs, 20+ communities for peer-to-peer support, 10+ sales platforms for ethical companies, and 30+ awards.

Each listing includes detailed information on eligibility, pricing, process, timing, and direct links to apply. Plus, you'll receive instant access to every future opportunity we add, at no extra cost.

How do I know if its right for me?

If you're a purpose-driven entrepreneur who finds the vast amount of resources and opportunities overwhelming, and if you're looking for a more streamlined way to find support that aligns with your values, then the Good Guide is right for you!

It's designed to save you time, energy, and resources, allowing you to focus on amplifying your positive impact in the world.

What if I don't find it useful?

We believe in the value and impact of the Good Guide, but we understand that it might not meet everyone's expectations.

If you find the guide not useful for your specific needs then email us within 14 days and we'll be happy to give you your money back. We just ask that you give us some feedback so we can make it better.

When is it available?

The Good Guide launches on 17th April! As soon as you've purchased your copy, we'll email all t he details over to you, including your lifetime access link. 

Why did you create this?

We, Alex and Sarah, co-founders of In Good Company, created the Good Guide out of our own experiences and challenges in finding the right opportunities to propel our purpose-driven business forward.

We spent countless nights scouring the web, often discovering great opportunities too late or pursuing generic startup opportunities that didn't match our values. It was hard.

That's why we decided to build a comprehensive guide, saving ethical founders like you from the frustration and time-waste we went through, and to support you in making your mark on the world efficiently and effectively.

Do I have to be a certain type of company to benefit?

The Good Guide contains opportunties for various different types of companies, whether your a company limited by shares, a social enteprise or CIC. Its designed for impact-driven businesses, whatever type of company structure you've chosen. 

We've included specific tags for categories like social impact, sustainability, female founders, POC founders and so on to make it really easy to narrow down the right opportunities for your business. 

Is this for UK founders only?

Yes the Good Cuide is UK focused only - we don't include global opportunities which exclude the UK as its not an area we know so well. There are some London specific opportuntiies as that's our hometown but the vast majority are remote / UK-wide and we'll keep adding more from across the UK as we discover them! 

Is this for product or service businesses?

Both! There are resources and opportunities for product and service/tech businesses. You can easily search for any specific opportunities using the filters too. 

How does it work?

If you pre-order, then as soon as the Good Guide launches on the 17th April you'll be emailed a link to access the Airtable base containing all the resources which you can easily search and keep going back to.

You don't need to have an account to access it, but if you did want to sign up for Airtable its free. 

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